Our aim is to give web's power to the users.

We develop user friendly apps focussing on performance.

Fun games are our passion.



SailBoat is a sailing simulation game. It puts in your hands the goverment of a sailboat, then you will have to use the wind to reach the maximum speed and beat your opponents. After following a simple tutorial, to learn the navigation basis, you can enter and experience the sailing by only uour phone.

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Sailboat Gold

This GOLD version adds settings management, ads free and more races. SailBoat is a sailing simulation game. After following a simple tutorial, to learn the navigation basis, we can enter and experience the sailing by only our phone.

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Frog Volley

Frog Volley is a grab-and-go game that will get you caught into uncountable hours of addictive entertainment, by enjoying loose games against fierce opponents and different grades of difficulty.

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Fileboost is a lightweight social sharing app. It's the natural step in cloud services, with the existing apps you can save files, this is their goal, fileboost is made to share. Fileboost's aim is friends and files, one as important as the other. One of the main problems of Mobile devices is that doesn't exist a natural way to share files.

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Kuunga has many aspects that make it a powerful and unique service. Link blocks can be organized by topic or theme (home, work, sports, leisure...) and have a very interesting option that allows them to be opened with a single click. This means the most demanding users will be able to open all the web sites they need to browse in only two steps.

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Camells is a MMORPG game with a very simple interface but a powerful data engine. The game consists in the traffic of fictional substances and the fight between dealers to reach higher categories.

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Powder Code

Powder Code is a Barcelona-based association for the programming of web and mobile apps. Born from the passion for this great world of Internet and the web, its first name was LecksGo web services, and it's a dynamic group of young people willing and able to face the challenges that new technologies and the evolution of times bring to us.

After its first steps with personal projects, Powder Code's first publishing was Camells (Dealers), a browser-based game that was the first of its kind entirely developed in Catalan language, besides its polemic content.

This project was followed by many others, such as Floto, a photographic gallery; MadAds, an auctioning service for advertisements, For Me The Best! and Kuunga. Now in the mobile era, we have published several games and apps such as Frog Volley or Fileboost

The main field of Powder Code is the development of mobile and web apps. Everything is produced by professional programmers that have been involved in nation-wide web projects that work with PHP, MySQL, javascript, AJAX, HTML, XTML and CSS, in addition to a basic service of SEO and web position consulting. And with experience in building and publishing apps and games on mobile markets.


"What makes our games great is that we love what we do."

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